Are you not able to accompany your minor while traveling? If yes, then Delta Airlines has a policy that enables minors to travel alone. Delta Unaccompanied Minor policy enables safety and security for children who travel alone. In this detailed guide, we will provide a complete overview of the unaccompanied minor policy, including information on age limitations, fees, and safety measures. This will help you plan a hassle-free journey for your child.

Does Delta do an Unaccompanied Minor Program?

Yes, Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Program caters to children aged 5 to 14 traveling solo on both international and domestic flights and delivers specialized assistance. This program includes features like traceable barcoded wristbands, access to lounge services at specific airports, and the presence of a Delta escort. It helps to ensure a secure and pleasant journey for unaccompanied youngsters.

What is the Delta unaccompanied minor policy? 

The Unaccompanied Minor Service strictly considers the child’s age at the time of travel, not at the time of booking or checking flight fares. Here are the policy details explained:

  • Certain nonstop flights only permit children between 5 and 7 years of age to travel as unaccompanied minors.
  • Selected nonstop and some connecting flights allow children aged 8 to 14 to utilize the Unaccompanied Minor Service.
  • Children aged 15 to 17 can travel as regular passengers. They do have the option to use the child Service by paying the associated fee.
  • An adult must accompany kids below the age of 5. Or else they will not be allowed to board the flight.
  • Travel is not permitted on connecting red-eye flights between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • The final flight of the day does not allow unsupervised children to travel.
  • Some flights are only accessible if the necessary connecting flight isn’t available.
  • Unaccompanied children can make use of Delta Sky Zone amenities, which include video games, toys, books, and complimentary phones. 
  • However, they should bring any required medication with them when boarding the flight.

How do I Book an Unaccompanied Minor on Delta?

Suppose your child is traveling alone. Then, you need to book a special ticket. You book a flight for your kid by following these steps:

  • To make a reservation for unaccompanied minors, you must contact Delta Reservations directly. 
  • Online booking isn’t an option due to the specific requirements and limitations.
  • Dial Delta unaccompanied minor phone number 800-325-8847 from your device.
  • When booking, ensure you provide essential details, including the kid’s complete name, date of birth, and contact information for both the individuals dropping off and picking up the child.
  • Opt for direct flights when selecting the flights, as unaccompanied minors are not permitted on connecting flights that necessitate an overnight stopover or involve a transfer to another airline.

Age Requirement for Unaccompanied Minor on Delta Airlines

Before you book a ticket for a child, it is essential to know the age requirement. The guardians should be aware of whether the kid is eligible for the minor policy or not.

Here is the breakdown of Delta unaccompanied minors policy based on age:

  • 4 years and young – Children aged 4 or below cannot use Delta’s unsupervised minor service and must travel with an adult.
  • 5-7 years of age – Children between 5 and 7 years old are eligible for the unaccompanied minor program but are restricted to flying on direct flights. They cannot take the final connecting flight of the day.
  • 8-14 years of age – Kids aged 8 to 14 can fly on nonstop or connecting flights. However, unaccompanied kids can only travel on Air Mexico, Air France, and KLM flights outside of the United States if there is a codeshare or interline agreement.
  • 15-17 years of age – Youth between 15 and 17 are not required to use Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied child service when traveling alone. However, parents have the option to enroll them in the unaccompanied travel program if they wish.

What Documents Does an Unaccompanied Minor Need to Fly?

Delta lays special emphasis on the documentation of the minors as well as the guardian. You should fulfill all the legal processes for the safety of the child. Parents or guardians accompanying youngsters must provide the following necessary Delta IDs:

  • A photo ID, such as a passport, birth certificate, or driver’s license.
  • The address that matches the ID.
  • Contact numbers for both parents or guardians.
  • A photocopy of the parent or guardian’s photo ID is important at both the departure and arrival airports.
  • The name and whereabouts of the responsible adult who will receive the unaccompanied child upon their arrival.

How much is the Unaccompanied Minor fee on Delta?

Delta Airlines charges a fee when children travel alone. The Airline’s flight attendants confirm their well-being during the journey. If you want to know about the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Fee. Then you can read the following guidelines:

  • The unaccompanied minor fee for each child is $150 for both one-way and round-trip journeys, regardless of whether it’s a nonstop or connecting flight.
  • It’s important to note that this fee is an additional charge to the adult fare for the ticket, and it is compulsory for booking tickets for children aged 5 to 14.
  • This fee can cover up to 4 children traveling together. You have the flexibility to pay in advance by contacting the Airline. 
  • Furthermore, you can choose to pay the unaccompanied minor fee for either a one-way or round-trip journey.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Boarding Rules Pickup Rules:

The topmost priority of the Airline is the safety and security of the child. Delta lays down a set of rules that should be followed when a minor boards a flight. You must read the given points so that the Airline does not deny boarding or pickup of your child.


  • The parent or guardian escorts the unaccompanied minor flying with Delta to the departure gate and stays at the airport until the flight departs.
  • When the child is traveling on a connecting flight, the kids receive assistance from their flight attendants.
  • For safety reasons, unaccompanied children should be seated toward the rear of the aircraft. It allows the flight attendant to remain in close proximity and provide support as needed.


The person who comes to pick up the minor. Airport authorities require a valid ID and the signature of the designated pickup person.

  • According to the Airline’s policy, the Airline will hand over the minor to the designated individual. The Airline will allow no other substitutions.
  • The pickup person’s name should match the one provided during check-in. In case the name does not match, the Airline will contact the parent to verify the person’s identity.
  • The designated pickup person must obtain a gate pass to retrieve the child from the departure gate.

What Happens If An Unaccompanied Minor Flight Is Cancelled Or Delayed?

Sometimes, due to unavoidable situations, the Airline may cancel the flight. The delays and cancellations may cause inconvenience for the minors. If there are such situations, Delta Airlines takes the following steps:

In case of Delay:

  • If there is an indication of a flight delay, Delta’s agents will contact you. They may recommend rescheduling the flight for another day.
  • Suppose an overnight stay becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Then, Delta Airlines will provide accommodations and meals for the children. 
  • Additionally, a Delta employee will supervise the child during the overnight stay. 
  • Delta’s travel agents ensure the safety of your child throughout their journey. In the case of any unusual circumstances, airline personnel will promptly connect with you to provide relevant information.

In case of Cancellations:

  • Rebook the child’s tickets on an alternative flight to their intended destination.
  • Stay with the child until they board the alternative flight.
  • Contact the designated person at the destination airport to keep them informed about the situation.

Final Thoughts

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy is crafted to reassure parents when their child travels independently. If you follow the instructions, charges, age criteria, and safety precautions in effect. Then, the Airline guarantees a seamless and pleasant trip for your young traveler. You can also consult the Delta Airlines website for the most up-to-date information and any policy changes.

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