Delta Airlines student discount

Are you looking for a Delta Airlines student discount? If yes, then the good news is, yes! Delta Airlines offers Student discounts, so you can benefit without making a hole in your pocket. However, to get the Delta Airlines student discount, you must have to submit the student identification documents while making the booking.

Moreover, Delta Airlines goes miles to offer comfort and hassle-free travel to its customers. So it is time to bag the student discount on Delta Airlines and make your Air Travel dream come true. Thus, if looking to know more, continue to read further.

What is the Student Discount on Delta Airlines?

The student discount on Delta Airlines is a significant saving that students can get while making the booking, and the students can get 40% discounts on flight booking than the basic ones.

Thus, if you are a student, then Delta Airlines extends the flight deals for you. Get the opportunity and travel more with Delta student-only flight deals and explore the world. Let’s know more about how you can get the Delta Airlines discounts for students, and what will be the eligibility for it.

Eligibility for Discounts on Delta Airlines

To get the Delta Discounts, the students should know the basic criteria and the things should know when they need a student discount.

Age: To get the students discounts you should be at least 18-23 years old.
Enrollment: the students should be from accredited colleges or universities.
Documentation: Students should provide student identification documents such as College ID.

What will I get Under Delta Airlines Student Discounts?

If you are a student and Traveling on Delta, then you will have the list of perks you will get, and some additional things you will get under this.

  • You can unlock the Delta Flight discounts for up to 40%.
  • The university of the students can directly deal with the Airlines to get the discounts.
  • The students can cancel the Flight within 24 hours, and the Airline will not charge a fee.
  • You use Promo codes on your Booking, but make sure to book on the Peak hours.

So, these are some of the Perks you will get under the Delta Airlines student discount, if you want to know more call Delta Airlines Customer Service and get help. Moreover, as we know the eligibility criteria and what perks you may get, now let’s focus on how to get the discounts.

How can I get the Delta Airlines Discounts?

To get Delta Airlines Discounts, the Airline has a tie-up with the studentUnivers with this you can get a discount. So, let’s see the steps to get the Delta Airlines student discount.

Steps to get the Delta Airlines Student Discount:

  • First, visit the website of Delta Airlines.
  • Then, log into your Account.
  • Select the destination and dates for booking the Flight.
  • Provides the Details.
  • And, complete the booking by making Payment.
  • At the time of booking, use Student Discount to get the deals.

Note: To get the student discounts on Delta Airlines, it is important to verify the student’s identification and get access after joining the StudentUniverse club.

Moreover, other than the online methods, the students can get discounts by simply calling the Airline representative.

Where can I call to get the Delta Discounts?

As delta Airlines provides several benefits and deals to its customers, and these offers will help you save huge on your bookings. However, to get the student discounts, you can call the Airline by using the below-mentioned points.

  • Visit the Official Website of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the Contact Us option.
  • Find the contact Number.
  • Make a call and Provide details. (insert Number)
  • And request for the Delta Airlines Student Discounts.

Apart from this, you can also check the discounts on the website by visiting the Discounts and Fraes Page.

Are There any Delta Airlines College Student Discounts?

Yes, if you are a university or College student, you can create an account on StudentUniverse, because Delta Airlines has teamed up with it to offer discounts for students. Teaming up with the Student Universe, The students get the best deals and offers.

Additionals Tips for Getting Delta Student Discounts:

Before booking the Flights and getting a student discount, be aware of the following points:

  • A convenience fee may apply so know about the additional charges.
  • The discounts may cover one-way or round trips and are limited to economy booking.
  • The minimum stay time is 21 for a round trip.
  • Changes in flight and date are allowed, and name changes are not allowed.

So, know these tips for better discounts, and get even more deals on Delta Flights.

Wrapping it up

Here we have come to an end on the details of Delta Airlines discounts for students. We hope by pursuing the details mentioned above, your all queries will be resolved. However, if you want to know more about the student Discount on Delta Airlines, feel free to call the Airline customer service and get help. Remember don’t forget to provide the Student ID and get the excessive benefits.

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