How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection?

The Seat Selection charges of Delta Airlines vary depending on various factors; such as the Type of fare you have chosen and the length of the flight. Also, Delta First Class, Delta One, and Premium Economy do not charge an additional fee. Still, if you are selecting the basic economy then you have to pay a certain Amount of Fee.

Well, booking and managing a Flight with Delta Airlines is simple. However, if you are selecting a seat in basic Economy and Thinking How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection? Then you have to Follow the further Details.

Seat Selection Fee On Delta Airlines

The basic Economy seats will be assigned to passengers when they complete the check-in. And then they will not change the flight or get a Refund after 24 hours of booking. These seats do not allow the free Seat Selection. The Delta seat Selection Fee for picking up the seats varies by route; and it ranges between $10 to $45 or more.

However, there are a few terms and Conditions that you have to Follow:

  • Delta Airlines Allows passengers to pick their seats 7 days before departure.
  • Passengers have to purchase the seat separately for each leg of a Trip.
  • The norm for years is $29 per seat, whether passengers pick the Window seat aisle, or middle seat.
  • The Basic Economy charges are generally Non-Refundable and changeable.
  • But some basic Economy flight tickets from Africa or Europe may be changeable free of cost.
  • The seat selection can be purchased in advance. It will assigned free of cost if the passenger reaches the Airport after check-in.

As Delta Charges $29-$30 per seat which is huge for many travelers to get the cheaper rates. And you can choose Main cabin Round Trip Fares That are $70 TO $80. So you can get the seat assignment on each leg with the same Price.

How Can I Get the Free Seat Selection on Delta?

Delta Airlines has a few conditions, depending on the many seats that are still available on the Flight after the check-in opens, that is 24 hours of booking and 48 hours of international flights.

In this window, passengers have a chance to get the free seat selection. When the check-in opens for basic economy travelers, passengers have a chance to pick the seat fee of Cost. so try to select your Seat before the Risk-Free Window.

Bottom line

Just know that seat selection may be limited, and the Fee per seat varies. You cannot count on getting a seat as per your choice. With the basic economy, you will only get what is left. But if you are willing to pay, then you do not need to think How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection. You can pay for the Best seat according to your choice. And with some research and luck, you will also get a free seat.

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