Delta Airlines Military Discount

Are you a military member or in their family? Then, you are eligible for special discounts to reserve flight seats for the preferred destination. They offer deals and multiple benefits to the armed forces and veterans in the USA. Delta Airlines respects all the family members in the army who contribute to the nation to the fullest. For their constant support, they offer Delta Airlines military discount to them as well as their family member. In the given article, you can easily explore the discounts and offers to get the flights for your location. With this, you can see the eligibility and the documents necessary for the journey.

How to apply military discounts on Delta flights?

All the passengers in the army or retired personnel need to submit the appropriate documents to earn the discounts. You need to visit their website to easily fetch the details regarding the discounts and offers. However, if you are not aware of military discount delta and how to apply them, you can read the given information.

Book the military discount online:

You can avail of Delta discounted packages online in simple, easy steps:

  • Initially, open the Delta Airlines website at
  • Tap on the book option on the top right.
  • You can sign into the Skymiles account from the website.
  • There, add the military ID number under the military discount box.
  • After this, provide the flight details, such as trip type.
  • You can insert the departure and arrival destination.
  • Get the number of passengers and travel dates.
  • When you search for the flights, you can get the list.
  • Choose the military option under the flight fare section.
  • You will see the discounts that you can apply to your flight ticket.
  • Add the passenger’s information to confirm.
  • Secondly, provide the necessary military documents.
  • Pay for the same and complete the process.

Book the tickets with the customer service:

Apart from online booking, you can also talk to customer service and get assistance. To learn more about this facility and its rules, you can follow the given procedure to get the experts.

  • Open the Delta Airlines online site.
  • Go to the contact section from the bottom right.
  • You need to choose the special circumstances given on that.
  • Open the link and choose the military travel option for the benefits.
  • At there, scroll to the flights for military members and get the contact number.
  • Dial the Delta reservation number at 800-221-1212 and follow the IVR.
  • When you choose the preferred command, connect with the representative.
  • They will help you with flight bookings with military discounts.

Does Delta Airlines offer a military discount?

Yes, delta provides military discounts to the armed personnel and their family members. This is a token of appreciation to them and the family as they are serving the nation. With the help of multiple advantages, delta facilitates travelers through incredible services. You can easily enjoy Delta military discounts for additional savings.

Benefits of Delta military discounts:

If you want to grab the discounted prices, you must be aware of the relevant features of the military package as follows.

Early boarding:

Military members can board the flight first and get the boarding pass. With this, you can get into the plane first to settle down quickly.

Free baggage allowance:

Delta offers a free checked baggage allowance to military members or retired personnel. This can help you to carry the essential stuff on board to reach your location.

Delta medical emergency:

If your next family member gets injured in the war on the border, you can acquire the Delta medical emergency and related policy.

Military pet travel:

Do you want to take your pets on the journey? Then, you can do so if you are an active US military member. However, if your spouse is also an active transfer order, they can also carry the pets on the board.

What are the policies for Delta military discounts?

Are you planning to visit your favorite location to take a break from military duty? For this, you must be aware of certain policies so that you can apply Delta military discounts easily on your journey. Here is the glance that you can follow.

  • The vacation discounts for military members can be between $50 to $300, relying on the location.
  • You can check upto 5 bags under military orders and 3 bags for military personnel.
  • Medical travel discounts are for injured family members and domestic partners.
  • You can’t consider pets as the free baggage allowance.
  • Family members of military personnel can take the pets as checked luggage.

What is Delta Airlines baggage policy for military personnel?

One of the major exceptions for the armed forces is that they can waive off the baggage fees. You can also find military discounts on Delta flights, pets, or vacations. See the Delta Airlines military baggage guidelines to pack your bags accordingly.

Military checked baggage:

  • For military orders, the bags cannot be more than 80 linear inches or 203 cm in length, height, and weight.
  • You can take up to 62 linear inches or 157 cm of bags as an active military member.
  • The bag weight can be between 23 kg to 45 kg.
  • For military orders, you can take up to 5 bags of 100 lbs for free.
  • For personal military travel, three bags up to 70 lbs are free.

Military carry-on bags:

  • Each US military passenger with Delta or their family member can bring one carry-on and one personal article for free.
  • The combined measurements of the carry-on luggage can be 114 cm or 45 linear inches.
  • The individual bags dimensions must not exceed 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm or 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

How much is a Delta Airlines military discount?

Delta discounts depend on the flight, destination, and time left for the departure. Generally, the military bargains can be between 10 and 20 percent of the actual fare. This offer does not apply to any Delta government taxes or surcharges. However, you can request for additional military discounts, such as discounted baggage fees, early check-in, 5 free checked bags, etc.


Now, soon, you can easily board the flight and enjoy the trip through military discounts and benefits. Whether you want to travel for leisure or duty, you can apply the offers for affordable prices. This is one of the straightforward ways to save money. However, you can visit their website and get the Delta military discount option under the special circumstances section. You can also get to the Delta representative at 800-221-1212 and talk to them about the discounts.