Delta Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Delta Airlines works with passenger’s needs and requirements, which makes them the world’s largest air carrier in the world. In special circumstances, such as pregnancy or a medical emergency, Delta Airlines takes the utmost care of its passengers regarding precaution and safety. If you are traveling with pregnant women, then Delta Airlines generally do not impose any relevant restrictions. According to the Delta pregnancy policy, if you are under the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, then Delta advises you to take proper rest and health check-ups. In the given information, you will get to know about the complete details of a pregnancy.

What is Delta Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

Women who are expecting a child are allowed to travel, but there are certain rules that they need to follow. All the essential guidelines come under the Delta Airlines pregnancy policy, which is mentioned below.

  • According to the airline, an expectant mother under the 27th week of pregnancy is allowed to fly without any restriction.
  • If you travel in the 35th week, you need to submit the proper medical documents from your doctor, who will advise you to take proper rest.
  • If your delivery is due within two to three weeks, you must avoid flying for your safety and health.
  • However, the policy for pregnant ladies is normal, like the other policies and services.
  • Seat belts are also mandatory for pregnant ladies, and they can ask for extended belts for safety.
  • Delta advises to acquire the extra legroom on your seat and add the same on your trip.

How many weeks a pregnant lady is allowed by Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines allows you to travel upto 27 weeks of your pregnancy at no restrictions. However, after that, you can travel upto 35 weeks if you don’t have any complications and are medically fit to fly to your location. You are also asked to avoid traveling up to 10 days after your pregnancy, and if you choose to fly, then you must be aware of the infant policy. Here are some essential things for the Delta flight pregnancy policy you must keep in mind while booking a flight ticket.

Please note:

  • Avoid wearing any fitted or tight clothes and choose to wear loose or comfortable clothes.
  • You must be well-hydrated before boarding the flight to avoid dizziness.
  • Avoid having any gas-related products or drinks before flying.
  • If you are going to board a long-haul flight, you must acquire the aisle seat so that you can walk easily to avoid any cramps.
  • If you feel any kind of discomfort or problem, you must not hesitate to talk with the cabin crew members for assistance.
  • You must pack the essential items such as healthy food, medicines, documents, and identification.
  • Book the extra legroom so that you can stretch your legs easily.

How can you make a booking for pregnant passengers on Delta Airlines?

When you understand all the information for the flight travel with a pregnant lady, you can make the reservation. They provide the two methods to make the reservation for your destination under Delta Airlines pregnancy policy as provided below:

Reserve the flight online:

One of the fastest and easiest ways is to book the flight ticket online with Delta Airlines. You need to use the below steps for your consideration.

  • Firstly, you must reach to the official online page of Delta Airlines at
  • After that, you need to book the trip through the web page and choose the book option.
  • You should choose the appearance and takeoff choices and the favored date.
  • Then, at that point, you really want to choose the number of travelers and snap on the hunt for flight choice.
  • On the accompanying page, you will get the rundown of trips to your ideal objective.
  • Select the favored flight and continue to the subsequent stage.
  • You can likewise book it with your flight tickets in the event that you really want extraordinary help as a pregnant woman.
  • On the installment page, give the expected subtleties and pay for your flight.
  • When you complete the payment of your flight, you will get an affirmation email to your enrolled email address.

Reserve the flight with pregnant women offline:

Sometimes, you are unable to get the booking online on Delta Airlines. In these circumstances, you can get through with the representative and directly call the Delta Airlines phone number 800-221-1212 using the steps below.

  • You should head to the on-site page of the airline at
  • Then, you really want to go to the contact page.
  • Once the contact page is completely stacked, you can search for the official contact number.
  • Choose the number that is reasonable for your district and call 800-221-1212.
  • Once the specialist is related to you, you can give the necessary subtleties to book your flight tickets.
  • You can likewise illuminate the part in the event that you really want any extraordinary assistance.
  • Once the installment has been made, you will get an affirmation email to your given email.


Booking a Delta trip for pregnant women is a genuinely clear cycle that should be possible either on the web or through a travel planner. By setting aside some margin to peruse the Delta basic economy pregnancy policy and rules for other classes, surveying the qualification measures, and looking at flight costs and conveniences, hopeful moms can guarantee they get the best arrangement and the smoothest flight experience conceivable. With a decent arrangement, pregnant women can fly with certainty, realizing that Delta has their well-being and solace at the top of the priority list.

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